Meet the Tout Bien Team



Rob is the creative brain of the team.
Always up for a fresh pintje, ideally paired with a crazy idea.

​It has been Rob's dream for a while now to create his own beer brand.


"When friends & beer come together, a natural phenomenon occurs called tout bien. Which means: everything is good."



Gilles is our numbers guy.

He communicates via excel and dreams of the perfect balance sheet.

Every two weeks, Gilles makes a new commitment to stop drinking. His record is currently set at 78 hours.

"I'm tout bien when I drink Tout Bien"



Emiel is in charge of the daily operations and is often found at Steve Jobs imitation conventions.

His big dream is to go to a random country and see someone doing a Tout Bien shotgun.

"Tout Bien is like a puppy.
You can't be sad when it's in the room."

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